Comparing Fledglings and Juveniles

These look more like the adults but will be missing the final touches that they will require to attract a mate:

Fledgling and  juvenile Wood Pigeons will have paler feathering than the adults and will not have developed their white neck band. The juvenile wood pigeon will have blueish eyes with an oval pupil.

Juvenile Collared Doves will look much like the adult, but will be missing the brown “collar”. The juvenile collared dove will have amber eyes. Its beak will be a pale shade of brown. If its tail has developed it will look as if it ends in two feathers and if you look at it from underneath you will see the underside of the tail feathers are white. All collared doves will have a similar feather colour which has been described as cream-pale grey-light brown.

Fledgeling and juvenile Feral Pigeons can look drab. Feral pigeons come in a variety of beautiful colours or colour mixes.: Check out the Feral Pigeon Project for more information and photos! They will have a larger, broader beak than adults and pink fleshy wattles at the top of the beak (the adults’ wattles are white).  They will also be lacking the iridescent areas around the neck that most adults have (depending on their colouring).

 Fledgeling and juvenile Stock Doves will also be duller than the adults and will be missing the bright green iridescent bar at the back of the neck (photo courtesy of Wildlife Rescue.)

They will have a little black bit at the end of the beak and the characteristic “black” eyes.