Contacting the RSPCA

When calling them choose the “domestic or kept animal” option, because a trapped pigeon is likely to be a racing pigeon or pet or a domestic dove that has been released.  As such, they are protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

If you believe that the bird will need additional care after release, please make every effort to be there if and when the RSPCA attend and ask to have the bird handed into your care.  We believe that in many cases rescued pigeons are killed if they turn out to be unbanded to economise on the cost of transporting them to a rescue centre. 

Use the RSPCA cruelty line ( 0300 – 1234 – 999 ) to report trapped pigeons.  PLEASE SELECT Option 3 followed by option 1.

You will probably get through to a call centre.  Remember that call centre staff often do not care about pigeons, do not have any knowledge of pigeons and their advice will often be unhelpful.  Give as much information as you can, insist on having an inspector visit the location.  Ask for a reference number that will enable you to chase your call.

Some inspectors will respond others will ignore the call.   Follow up any call you make at hourly intervals and make a note of your calls.  If the RSPCA rescues the pigeon, write a letter of thanks.  If it lets you and the bird down, write a letter of complaint detailing the outcome.  This might help other pigeons. The address for both praise and complaints is: