Please note that the most logical approach to using testing services is to test for the most likely cause of the symptoms first, to either confirm and eliminate.  If the  test requires a blood sample you can take one yourself with instructions from the testing service or you can ask a  nurse at your veterinary surgery to take one, that is cheaper than a consultation fee.


** Prices shown were valid at the date of this page and may have changed in the meantime**


Retford Poultry Partnership

Unit 5 Stirling Rd
West Carr Ind Est
DN22 7SN

01777 703011


You can find the list of tests that can be carried out and the price lists here    Telephone Retford Poultry for a test kit if you require one.



All Animals Veterinary Clinic,

Unit .T, Viking House,
Daneholes Roundabout,
Stanford Road,
Grays, Essex.
RM16 2XE

01375 399 033


The full test kit can be carried out using samples provided by you via the post, or using samples collected when in a consultation with Lizzie in the surgery.

When a test kit is requested by post, they will send out everything required for you to collect and return the samples required for them  to test your pigeons for  the following conditions:


• Worms
• Cocci
• Canker
• Chlamydia (also known as Ornithosis)
• Yeast
• Fungus
• Adenovirus (also known as Young Bird Sickness)
• Salmonella (also known as Paratyphoid)


They will  also grow a general bacteriology plate in order for them to carry out an antibiotic sensitivity test. This will determine which antibiotic would be most useful should  you be required to use one. Tests are available at a cost of
£ 34.74.


Versele-Laga  Veterinary Department
Belgium :  
Test Kit


Elimar Pigeon Services: Test Kit £13.00


Pigeon Health : Drop and Swab Testing Kit: £12.50  or £11.99 from Taylor’s Choice Pigeon Superstore