SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of COMMON AILMENTS: Please follow the link that appears most relevant.


IMPORTANT: Please read this first!


Air Sacs (Ruptured) Inflated pigeon, ballooning, blown up
Beak Problems Hooked beak, scissor beak, lumps on beak, missing top/bottom part of beak.


Caught by Predator (Cat, Dog, Hawk) Torn flesh, punctured skin, bleeding, shock


Digestive Problems Crop not emptying (crop stasis), yeast infection


Egg Related Problems Paralysis before or after laying egg, egg without shell, unable to lay egg, passing deformed lumps.


Eye Problems Black eye, eye scabbed over, eye missing, blindness, unable to focus on seed.


Feather Problems Missing feathers, no tail, bare neck


Fly Strike Fly eggs, maggots,pigeon being eaten alive.


Foot or Feet Injuries Thread, string, fishing line, missing feet, missing toes, lumps on toes, blackened flesh, bleeding feet , legs bound together.


Head Related Problems Scalped, exposed bone, head upside down, twisting of head, missing feathers


Leg Problems Legs(s) sticking out to one side, splay leg, dragging behind bird, weakness, calcium deficiency, paralysis, hanging lifeless or broken, amputation


Mouth and throat Swollen neck, inability to swallow seed, cheesy growth in mouth, canker, yeast


Neck Problems Limp Neck , “Broken” Neck (a temporary condition caused by concussion) , twisted neck, swollen neck, unable to control neck


Neurological Problems Turning in circles, twisting neck, seed tossing, pecking and missing, stumbling backwards, spiralling in flight, dragging legs behind.


Parasites Worms, fleas, feather lice, pigeon fly


Pigeon Pox Lumps or pustules on feet, beak, unfeathered parts


Shot Pigeon Air gun pellet in breast or wing, bleeding from breast, wing or body.


Tail problems Missing tail feathers, holding tail down.