How to hand feed a baby pigeon peas and corn

Hand feeding defrosted corn and peas: This method is is for feeding fledgelings not very young babies.

Defrost the corn and peas in warm water and feed them while still warm.  Feral pigeons like both,  wood pigeons prefer the peas and collared doves prefer corn.

Feed one pea or corn kernel at a time and wait for the baby to swallow it before you feed another..  Every few pieces stop and feel the crop.  You should feed until the crop feels like a bean bag, you should have no trouble feeling the peas and corn in the crop but they should move around easily when you press lightly with your finger.  Feed three times, with a six hour gap between feeds,  but make certain that the crop empties before you feed again.  If it isn’t emptying then put the pigeon on a warm heat pad and feed it some infant/ baby apple sauce.